Robodoc is based on the AutoDocs program written some time ago by Commodore. The idea is to include for every function a standard header containing all sorts of information about that procedure/function. An AutoDocs program will extract those headers from the source file and put them in a autodocs-file. This way you can include the program documentation in the source code and is it not necessary to maintain two documents. Robodoc is such a program, however Robodoc has several additions. For one it can generate the documentation in different formats, ASCII, HTML, RTF, LaTex, and AmigaGuide. Another feature is that it can fully automatically create links within the document, and to other documents. It is also possible to include parts of the source in your document, complete with links. For instance it is possible to include a complete subroutine, and have the function names in this subroutine point to their documentation.