Painting program aimed especially at creating and editing textures and sprites, but also for general purpose image editing. Rendered with OpenGL. The application sports a really clogged graphical interface with all sort of features displayed in a toolbar at the top and side of the screen. Fortunately, it comes with customization features for the interface. You can adjust the background color, the top window color, pixel grid width and height. You can also adjust the default brush size and the size of the undo button. You can rescale images and flip them easily if you want. In addition, it comes with a multitude of filters that you can add to your drawings, including sharpness, edges, alpha, seamless tiling and many more. It lets you save your drawings in a number of formats, including PNG, JPEG and BMP. All in all, LodePaint is a useful application that you could use in order to create drawings on your computer and apply many filters to your images.