Perl for AmigaOS is now updated to the latest stable version of perl 5.22.1. Further to this port, with the valuable help of Jarkko Hietaniemi the AmigaOS src code has been merged with the main perl source and so it’s now possible to build a bleeding edge version of perl. This will make support of future AmigaOS versions much easier.
The following is new for the Amiga port:

  • Port to Perl 5.22
  • Improved handling of NIL:
  • Environment variables now correctly inherited by subprocesses.
  • Fix exec, and exit in “forked” subprocesses.
  • Fix issue with newlib’s unlink, which could cause infinite loops.
  • Add flock() emulation using IDOS->LockRecord()
  • Improved handling of signals and signal handlers.


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