The Wipeout franchise has become quite popular on the Sony PlayStation. People love to race things, after all, although I couldn’t begin to tell you why. If it has wheels and more than one was made, somebody’s going to want to make it go faster than the next guy. In Wipeout 2097, however, there are no wheels. In fact, there’s not even any gravity. Well, not as much as we have here on Earth, anyway…the Earth was destroyed! I’m not sure where Wipeout 2097 fits into the franchise…somewhere between Wipeout Creation and Wipeout Eternity, I assume. It has to be a pretty solid entry, though. It plays like a motorcycle chase scene in a Japanese cartoon, or the pod racing scene in Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Tollbooth. In fact, let’s stick with that comparison for a moment. Stripped to its basics, Wipeout 2097 feels quite similar to Star Wars: Episode One – Racer. In both games, your vessel hovers slightly above the ground, making control a bit tricky at first, you’re on a variety of tracks against a variety of other pilots utilizing a variety of ships, and you have to complete certain tracks well enough to open more tracks.




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