1941 Deluxe Extreme is a shooter which is based on the KETM (Kill Everything That Moves). The goal is to shoot down enemy airplanes and collect weapon power-ups (POW). The game uses a vitality system instead of life system in which if the player is hit, it loses one point of vitality and the player is destroyed if hit with 0 vitality then the player is given the option to continue. Lightning attacks can be used by pressing the B button which sacrifices a portion of life energy. One is only able to perform three loops per level and a bonus is awarded at the end of the level for unused loops. Player 1 uses a P-38 Lightning and Player 2 uses a new plane: Mosquito Mk IV. The game shifts from the original Pacific Front setting with that of the Western Front, in the north Atlantic Ocean.Ported with several new feactures, like new reworked Backdrops called High Backdrops and original Backdrops. New weapons, new sound fx´s, new bitplanes and a lot of new fun stuff for all.


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