Perhaps the greatest joy you’ll find in Prehistorik 2 comes from the food-inspired collectibles. These include bananas, diamonds, pears, cherries, capsicums, ice-creams, donuts, fries, telephones and goodness knows what else. The neanderthal ingests all these items and converts them into points, which are aggregated at the bottom of the screen into a high score. The bottom of the screen also indicates how many lives you have, your hit points or energy (represented by hearts), and a few block letters which are supposed to spell out the word ‘bonus’ if you can successfully locate them.

This is worth aspiring for, since the return for your effort is a large fridge that is stuffed with even more food and a whopping 100K point bonus. This makes exploring the levels a whole lot more fun, and tempts players to enter more dangerous looking areas in the hopes of a reward-which will usually yield an extra life and lots of extra points. Overall, the difficulty level is fairly consistent, and the levels are rather enjoyable. For a more complete illustration of Prehistorik 2’s later levels, please watch the video at the end of this review. Prehistorik 2 is a challenging but rewarding retro-platformer that will probably appeal to those who grew up playing similar games, and most likely to anyone with a special interest in all things prehistoric.

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