A-EON Technology is pleased announce the release of the Enhancer Software package for AmigaOS 4.1 systems. The Enhancer Software package is a unique and powerful collection of productivity and utility software and drivers designed to enhance your AmigaOS 4.1 experience. The software is the result of many months of work by our team of committed developers, beta testers and volunteers at AmigaDeveloper.com. The Software Enhancer package is a blend of new applications and soft-ware updates and includes:

Drivers & File System
● Warp3D Nova
● RadeonHD (updated for Nova)
● SmartFilesystem2

● AmiDVD (updated)
● MultiEdit
● MultiViewer (updated)
● Partition Wizard (updated)
● TuneNet (updated)
● X-Dock

● Notification Server & Prefs
● Format with SFS support

● ClipViewer
● Exchanger

CLI Commands & Tools
● InfoWindow
● RequestChooser

Gadgets, Classes & Datatypes
● InfoWindow class
● Optionbutton gadget class
● PieChart gadget class
● ProgressBar gadget class
● SharedImage class
● SimpleHTML Datatype

…..plus documentation, catalogues, Enhancer Software SDK together with special black and blue icon themes by Martin Mertz and much, much more! The Enhancer Software is available from AMIStore and on CD from participating Amiga dealers. Classic68k version coming soon

More info at http://amistore.net/


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