Not much of a story I’m afraid here. There are several modes of play which are challenge, head to head and two player. The challenge mode allows you to win different types of cars to create your own collection of Micro Machines. This is done by completing races around various household objects. In head to head mode you must try to get one screen length between you and your opponent to score points. The two player mode is the same as the head to head mode only two players can compete for the points. I find the game to be very enjoyable, especially with two players, which keeps you coming back for more. One of the major points that I noticed in the game is how fast it is. This makes it exciting and really tests your reflexes (oh, the amount of time I’ve missed a corner and gone straight into a hazard). The opponents are also worth a mention as later in the game they produce a good challenge to even the best driver. Although I assume their AI is simple path finding they do seem to ram you into obstacles too. A great Commodore Amiga game that deserves a place in your collection. It is one of my top five multiplayer games for the SMS and the best racing game for the system. You can always trust Codemasters to create good looking, polished games for the range of Amiga computers.