SysInfo is an application for Motorola 680×0 based Classic Amiga and is used for getting information about the system like OS and library versions, hardware revisions and stuff. Exactly 19 years after version 3.24 of SysInfo it’s time for an update!

Changes in 4.0:

  • Crasch due to assumed accessable memory at $2000 changed to $4000. (tnx Piru)
  • Updated memory size calculation in Memory Info to handle 64MB+ sizes correctly.
  • Updated board size calculation to handle 64MB+ correctly, added MB suffix for sizes greater than 2MB.
  • Several small corrections in the code.
  • Added some support for 68060, more to do. Doesn’t yet handle the difference between LC/EC versions.
  • Added identification of UAE Autoconfig™ boards.
  • Added identification of Individual Computers GmbH Germany ( Autoconfig™ boards. (tnx Jens Schönfeld)


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