This was the final version of a real-time strategy game influenced by Command & Conquer and The Settlers. This package features the 40 levels from the Director’s Cut edition, and the 40 levels from the Undiscovered Land add-on disk, as well as varied difficulty levels. The game features 20 different buildings, many of which require resources produced or modified from another building. As well as knights, your population includes Maidens (breeding is covered more realistically than most God-sims, in which the guys seem to reproduce by magic), Wizards (who can use the bodies of the dead to create buildings) and peasants, who can be trained to become guards, who can graduate into being full soldiers. Combat can be initiated by sending soldiers into enemy terrain, and attack methods such as arson can be taught to the peasants. There are 4 distinctly different types of landscape – Summer, Winter, Lava and Gloomy.


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