The latest version of AROS distribution Icaros Desktop has been released. V2.1 consolidates the 2.0.x codebase with many bugfixes and additions, above all a new version of OWB supporting HTML5 videos ( and others). This release also includes handlers for NTFS-3G and exFAT partitions, and can now access (in read-only mode) your Google Drive account, simplifying its configuration with a dedicated Prefs tool (coded in LUA by Icaros team). For more info:

Icaros 2.1 features:

Writing to a NTFS partition
– Updated OWB to version 1.25, build from march 2016
+ Youtube, Vimeo and other similar sites are now supported (HTML5 video)
– Updated DirectoryOpus 5 “Magellan” to latest release
– Updated FPC and PortablE to latest release
– Added a lot of development libraries
– Added GoogleDrive Handler (allows read only access)
– Added configuration tool for GoogleDrive handler
– Added Filesysbox library
– Added NTFS-3G handler (supports Windows NTFS partitions up to Windows 10/2016)
– Added EX-FAT handler (for larger, modern VFAT volumes)
– Improved help pictures for Magellan interface
– Added SNUG HTTP server to network startup daemons
+ you can now access MyWokspace files with a browser
– Enhanced AmiBridge’s “Amiga as a service”
Ignition M68K running on x86 desktop
– Updated PortablE to latest release
– Updated FPC to latest release
– Updated ZuneView to latest release
– Cleaned up GRUB2 boot menu
– Restored “complete” user manual and updated to v2.1
– Applications: updated Amath, EdiSyn, metaDiary, RPNScientific
– Benchmarks: added Water, updated GLMark
– New Demoscene folder in Extras with Fract and Timeless
– Design: fixed GrafX2, updated ThemeEdit
– Filesystem: updated Scalos, Unarc
– Games: updated/fixed Ri-Li, added RotateGear, Skunks (OpenGL)
– Media editors: added FFMPEG, ImageMagick
– Misc: added meteData, RFT-Riddle
– Networking: added toram