spionage social media

In the first half of 2016 Twitter said it received 2 percent more government requests for account information. Compared with the second half of 2015 it’s affecting 8 percent more accounts. Despite the decrease in number of requests from the U.S., the country still remains the top global requester, comprising 44 percent of total requests received. Japan rose to the second spot, submitting 13 percent of total information requests, with the total amount of requests from Japan rising by 64 percent compared to the last reporting period. The U.K., France and Turkey remain in the list of top five requester countries. Also notable was the 67 percent increase in requests from Belgium and a 61 percent increase in requests from Germany. The increase in requests from Belgium was related to the March 2016 terror attacks in Brussels. Twitter said in its Transparency Report.

artwork: disjointed.deviantart.com