Dreams of Rowan on kickstarter

A new videogame for Commodore Amiga computers. Created by Johnny Acevedo Martin and Antonio Padrón in AMOS Professional and specifically in AMAL (Animation Language). Rowan awakes in the dungeons stunned and disorientated. This small elf child has to go through hundreds of obstacles and destroy powerful magicians and terribles creatures to rescue his family and friends, and save our world from the darkness.  Rowan will have to find secret passages, keys, graveyards, weapons and discover places like bonus levels. The game has 10 levels and more than 40 sublevels levels where you will have to levitate, fly, swim and more…. It will be done in low resolution and 32 colors optmized palette. Differents weapons, enemies and bosses. Music is created with ProTracker in MOD format and the game will have Music and SFX simultaneously. For more information visit the Facebook page

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