AmiGameJam is a annual game creation contest in the Amiga community, which has been a huge success in previous years, providing creative developers a chance to sharpen and prove their skills and giving the community with some top-notch games to enjoy. This year the name is different, but the contest is pretty much the same as before. You have three months to create a new Amiga game (or at least a single-level demo of a game) either on your own or in a team, that fits the chosen theme. The game can be coded or built with game creation software such as SEUCK or Backbone. The theme this year is “TV Shows and Movies”, so you are asked to choose a show or movie that you think would be fun to adapt into a video game. Try to choose one that doesn’t already have an Amiga port. If you’re not interested in the main theme you are allowed to enter a festive/Christmas-themed game instead. Entries should be submitted by the 31st of December 2016, and judging will begin in January. As well as online voting, we hope to get some celebrity judges involved and the prizes this year will be better than ever before. For more information contact moya jackie mcgeough

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