ACE MIDI is a full blown soft synthesizer for Atari Falcon030 compatible computers. ACE MIDI fits perfectly into any studio as it has a wide range of possibilities. Use the wave ACE MIDI oscillators to create warm, cold, smooth, funny, weird, strange sounds, or load some samples to create that perfect beat. Everything is easily controlled by a number of devices. Use the LFO for vibrato, tremolo and wah-wah effects, the STEP MODULATOR on vocals to achieve “Cher singing” effects. All this in 16 bit resolution. Tap your sounds individualy through 4 outputs to your favourite effect box and add reverb, distortion or what ever you feel like, or use the internal effects to give your sounds that extra touch. The sounds in ACE MIDI ranges from retro chip-blip-blop sounds to multi-sampled pianos, strings or what ever you want to do. All this nicely packaged in a easy to use interface.


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