Ravi Abbott from the famous Retro Hour Podcast had a go on a Virtuality VR system from 1992 at Play Expo 2016 in Manchester. Virtual reality had been around as a concept for some time. We were promised virtual worlds which were indistinguishable from reality, sadly enough it never happend until 2015-2016 with big players involved like Sony. The current VR arms race and sensation is all thanks to one man: Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. As a teenager, Luckey collected VR tech and was fascinated with making his own headset in his garage. Numerous prototypes and a $2bn Facebook buyout later, Oculus is still the biggest name in VR. But the beginning of VR can be found with the Commodore Amiga, playing a pivotal role in VR engineering. One of the first VR devices the Series 1000 units were actually based on the Commodore Amiga 3000! The Amiga 3000 was built into a large box with two DVI graphics cards to drive the HMD and a Polhemus circuit board on top to read the sensors in the ring and helmet. Back in the early 90s the Commodore Amiga was at the forefront of the emerging games and graphics scenes, and the ideal platfrom to start a new sensation on the market. However It wasn’t the right time, the technology wasn’t really there yet and neither was the market. But ounce more Amiga proved itself in being a pioneer and foundation of many great things to come… Image & video by Retro Hour podcast


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