Warcraft 2 is a great fantasy RTS classic and is available for AmigaOS4! Warcraft 2 allows players to play AI opponents in separate Human and Orc campaigns, and in stand-alone scenarios. Most of the campaign missions follow the pattern “collect resources, build buildings and units, destroy opponents”. However, some have other objectives, such as rescuing troops or forts, or escorting important characters through enemy territory. Buildings from the Humans and Orc faction can be upgraded twice, each increasing usable resources per load from the workers. Players can also construct Shipyards, which can produce both combat ships and Oil Tankers. Tankers build construction offshore Oil Platforms and then deliver the oil to buildings on the shoreline. As all three resources become exhausted during the game, players must use them efficiently, and players must also retain forests as defensive walls in the early game when combat forces are small. You must download datafiles and follow the installation intructions in the readme file.