Generation Amiga: Hello Amiga Bill. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? How did you discover the Amiga platform?

Amiga bill: Hi I am Bill Winters. I live in the suburbs of New York City and am a long time Amiga user. I was president of The Westchester Amiga User Group (WAUG) from 1988-1993 and am now the co-president with my long time friend Anthony Becker. We still meet on the first Thursday of every month in White Plains, NY. We had 125 members at our peak, but now there are about 10 of us who are active. I discovered the Amiga platform by looking at the back of video game boxes and drooling over the screenshots of the Amiga version. I dreamed of having one and my dreams came true on Christmas Day 1987 when my parents’ bought me an Amiga 500

Generation Amiga: When did you start The Guru Meditation and what motivated you?

Amiga bill: We started The Guru Meditation in the Spring of 2014. Anthony and I are both podcast fanatics and our favorite one (The Widget) had just ended. They were a couple of regular guys who reminded us of ourselves and we had been thinking about doing an Amiga podcast. Since we already ran the Westchester Amiga User Group and were doing demos every month we figured that would translate well into a podcast. However my area of expertise is video production and many of the things we were doing were more “how-to” orientated rather than news or interview orientated so we ended up making a YouTube Channel instead.

Generation Amiga: What is your favorite programming language and why?

Amiga bill: Unfortunately I don’t program so I don’t have a favorite, but if I had to pick I would say BASIC because I used to play around with it and it helped me with thinking logically.


Generation Amiga: Can you tell us more about future Amiga projects?

Amiga bill: Well, we are still going to do how-to videos, but we discovered our real passion is “Amiga Lifestyle.” We love making videos about Amiga events and the people in the Amiga community. We enjoy documentary-style videos and “vlogs” so there will be a lot more of those types of videos. We also started live streaming and that has been an absolute blast. We have an outstanding community of followers and there is nothing better than hanging out with them talking all things Amiga so look out for more live streams. It is something we would like to do on a regular basis. It is basically our Westchester Amiga User Group, but instead of just meeting with friends in our area, we can meet with friends around the world. This technology is really incredible.

Generation Amiga: What are your Amiga configurations?

Amiga bill: My main machines that I use on a regular basis are an Amiga 500 with 1MB ram and a GoTek Drive. An Amiga 1200 with 030 accelerator, CF drive, Indivision AGA board, PCMCIA to CF adapter, and PCMCIA wireless network card. I also have an A4000/040 with a CF drive.


Generation Amiga: What is your opinion about upcoming Amiga systems ? (X5000, A1222)

Amiga bill: I am really excited that there are still Amiga systems coming out. However, I am more of a classic Amiga guy. The nostalgia factor is a really big draw for me. That said, I am very interested in getting a new Amiga and experiencing those machines. Unfortunately the prices are high, but that is just they way it goes when you are dealing with a very small niche market. I understand that there is now an Amiga store in upstate NY called “Amiga on the Lake” that sells the new generation Amigas, so I will probably be purchasing one from them.

Generation Amiga: What are your prefered modern AmigaOS4 games and programs?

Amiga bill: I am embarrassed to say, but I have only dabbled in AmigaOS4 so I can’t say that I have a favorite. However, I have just purchased Amiga Racer so I am very excited to play that and exploring AmigaOS4 is on my to-do list for sure!

Generation Amiga: Thanks for the interview Amiga Bill and good luck with future Amiga projects

Amiga bill: Thanks so much for the interview. I am so flattered that you are enjoying The Guru Meditation. The videos take a long time to produce so it is very rewarding when people show interest in them. We have lots of cool things planned for the future and look forward to meeting many new friends. You can keep up with us on our website and our social media platforms. AMIGA4EVER!!!!!

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