The famous Syntax is celebrating it’s 10th birthday! Syntax 2016 will be held on saturday november 12th, 2016. Syntax is a mini computer and technology festival known as a Demoparty. These weekend events occur globally and bring together programmers, musicians, graphic artists and tech creatives together to watch and often present works of art in a digital space. A popular combination of all these skills produces a “demo” – or a realtime animation that combines code + art in creative ways. While much of this is about modern computers, it also can include arduino-style and homebrew projects, olskool computers from the 80’s and 90’s and pre-rendered animations, graphics and music. Everyone is welcome and it is a great place for people to be computer geeks of varying levels, graphics lovers or talk, musicians to talk software, chipmusic, tracker tools and much more. For more information please visit the website

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