Amiga store Alinea computers just announced commercial availability of Elbox’s new FastATA 4000 MK-VII card. With the FastATA 4000 MK-VII CF/SATA controller you can now take advantage of the latest low-cost, high-capacity SATA/ATA/EIDE devices like hard drives, Solid State drives (SSD), Compact Flash cards, DVD drives, CD-RW drives, CD-ROM drives, ZIP drives, LS-120 drives, etc. The FastATA 4000 MK-VII CF/SATA is designed to simultaneously use up to four devices: Compact Flash cards, SATA drives and PATA devices. Compact Flash cards and SATA drives requires additional adapters. You can purchase the card for €159,59, for more information please visit the store of Alinea computers

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