The famous adventure-arcade game Heart of the Alien redux will be released for the Commodore AmigaCD32. The game is released in 1994 by Virign and the Amiga version is ported by DJM. The Commodore AmigaCD32 version would make use of the unique chipset Akiko on the AmigaCD32! The Akiko chip is able to perform simple chunky to planar graphics conversion in hardware. Chunky displays are faster and more efficient for 3D graphics manipulation. Akiko allows this conversion to be performed in hardware instead of relying on software conversion which would cause more overhead. The conversion works by writing 32 8-bit chunky pixels to Akiko’s registers and reading back eight 32-bit words of converted planar data which can then be copied to the display buffer. Most software developers however overlooked the Akiko chip when the Commodore AmigaCD32 was released. A beta version of Heart of the Alien Redux (58.7MB) is available for you’re favorite Amiga console!


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