The ACA1221ec accelerator card comes with a 68ec020 processor (25MHz rating) and 16MBytes physical memory. 9MBytes of this physical memory can be used as fastmem, and up to 7 MBytes can be used as a ram disk. A huge improvement over older accelerators is memory mapping to the legacy 0x00c0.0000 address. This is the location where many A500 games expect a trapdoor memory expansion. The ACA1221ec card gives a good compatibility boost only because of this little chunk of memory in the right place.The second clockport is specifically designed for the RapidRoad USB host controller: It is considerably faster than a normal A1200 clock port, which will result in considerably higher USB transfer rates. This means you will be able to install USB in an A1200 without opening the computer! You can  buy the ACA1221ec on the webstore of individual computers for € 119,94.

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