The Norwegian company Friend Software Labs is pleased to announce Browser mode for the Friend Workspace. The interactive cloud platform got new updates for better security and speed improvements and comes with new interactive apps. FriendUP will also have examples of built-in multiplayer / multiuser features. Friend Software Labs will also participate at the Software Industry Day, 22 november 2016 in Trondheim, Norway. Founder and CEO Hogne Titlestad and International sales manager David Pleasance (former CEO Commodore UK) will attend the international conference. The 17th International Conference is a conference about product-focused software process improvement. The Norwegian company Friend Software Labs takes the next steps towards meaningful cloud computing for everybody. Where many services today  take away the users’ freedom and possibilities, the Friend Unifying Platform gives users freedom of choice. FriendUP is an interactive cloud workspace that provides a solution  to the increasing fragmentation of “information silos” on the internet.