This AmigaOS4 utility written by Chris Handley is perfect for Amiga users with more computers. The main purpose of FolderSync2 is to keep two sets of folders on two different computers synchronised. If you have an Amiga & PC, then this utility can be very useful to have the same documents, pictures, music, videos,etc on both systems. The synchronisation of FolderSync 2 is bi-directional, which means that both computers (both sets of folders) get updated simultaneously. So you can change files on both computers, and then the next time you synchronise, the changes on each computer will get transfered to the other one. FolderSync2 can also be used to perform incremental backups, where the changes only go in one direction. The backup can be a removable drive like USB sticks or a network drive, a separate partition, or just a folder on your harddrive.


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