Over 10 million Raspberry Pis have been sold since launch in 2012. The Raspberry Pi Foundation was founded at Cambridge University with the humble goal of getting more people to study computer science. The proposed solution, a small and cheap Linux computer, was immediately popular with a large number of people. Several generations of Raspberry Pis have been released. The first generation (Raspberry Pi 1 Model B) was released in February 2012. It was followed by a simpler and inexpensive model Model A. In 2014 the foundation released a board with an improved design in Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+.  A cut down  model was released in April 2014, and a Raspberry Pi Zero with smaller size was released in November 2015 for US$5. The Raspberry Pi 2 which added more RAM was released in February 2015. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B released in February 2016 is bundled with on-board WiFi and Bluetooth. As of 2016, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is the newest mainline Raspberry Pi. These boards are priced between US $20–35. The Raspberry Pi became a indisputable revolution in the computer community. Artwork by MiSiRiK

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