A new version of AmigaOS4.1 final version ‘update1’ is coming early 2017 this with optimization for A-EON’s new AmigaOne x5000. In the first place very good news for the Amiga community and it means Hyperion entertainment CVBA is still working on AmigaOS. However Hyperion entertainment is tight to a very tiny budget and every advancement is rather based on sympathizers then on real active developers. That’s why Hyperion did a Halloween action probably in the hope to gain some hard bucks, but it’s not enough to deal with the virtual memory problem or any decent multi-core support, hence any chance of AmigaOS being ported to the X86 platform is even more marginal. But it could be a very interesting option to put AmigaOS on Kickstarter.com, this with some franchise products for backers. Look how very young game companies raise up to $ 80,000 and more, a cash injection this big could mean a lot for Hyperion entertainment & Co. I my honest opinion it’s worth the try and could mean a jump forward for the Amiga legacy. I fully understand that it would take some poundering in how this could be arranged and what kind of extra franchise should be offered to backers, and if prospects are looking good a X86/64bit port should really be considered. This extra cash injection could open doors and attract new developers or prospects, and would probably get some extra media attention. What do you think? Should Hyperion entertainment consider this option and would you consider supporting it on Kickstarter.com? Artwork graphics designer Paul Kitching


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