The city of Munich, Germany, switched to Linux and OpenOffice in 2003. Over 15,000 computers got Linux (LiMux) installed and the process was completed in 2013. In recent reports however things could change and the 3th largest city of Germany is about to kick Linux and replace everything with Windows 10. The Free Software Foundation Europe recently questioned why Accenture, a professional services company was commissioned by the German authorities, one the biggest partners of Microsoft and awarded as Microsoft’s Alliance Partner of the Year in 2016. If LiMux, Munich’s customized Ubuntu and OpenOffice desktop is going to survive Microsoft’s war against open-source is hard to say, a decision won’t be made at the earliest until the summer of 2017. 15,000 computers running Microsoft Windows 10 won’t help Microsoft in its new 2018 deadline for a billion Microsoft Windows 10 computers. But a governmental Linux desktop success story is not going to help Redmond either.