A new shipment of FireBee’s is ready! The FireBee is a new Atari-compatible computer. A FireBee is similar to an Atari Falcon and works very much like that. It will run most of the Atari compatible software that would run on a Falcon. Different to older Ataris and their clones, the FireBee is a modern computer that supports almost everything you’d expect from a today’s machine, like USB ports, Ethernet, DVI-I monitor connector, SD-card reader and more. A FireBee costs €560 for ordering please visit

  • ColdFire-Processor with 264 MHz.
  • Powerful FPGA with 128 MB Graphics – and Special-RAM, 512 KB SRAM and 8 MB Flash-Memory (ROM) for the Operating System. Firmware Updates are easily possible by software.
  • Single Tasking operating system FireTOS (based on the Falcon-TOS 4.04) and the Open-Source operating System EmuTOS inside the Flash-ROM.
  • 512 MByte DDR SD-RAM.
  • DVI-I Monitor Connector (VGA per Adapter possible).
  • 5x USB 2.0 (4x external and 1x internal).
  • Ethernet 10/100, High Speed-Serial port.
  • Compact Flash- and SD-Card-Slot.
  • Sound: Line in, Line out, Mic (mono).


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