I guess this is only for die hard Commodore Amiga fans with a big banc account. A new and unused Commodore CDTV with new remote control and new power cable is now available on Ebay for €1,299! A remarkable prize, however finding a Commodore CDTV in this mint condition is very rare, hence finding one becomes a rarity to. The Commodore CDTV never took a momentum in the consumer market and sales rates got very disappointing for Commodore. The CDTV was intended as a media appliance rather than a personal computer. The Commodore CDTV was supplied with AmigaOS 1.3, rather than the more advanced and user-friendly 2.0 release that was launched at around the same time. It’s however one of the earliest consumer systems to allow video playback from CD-ROM. Commodore announced the CDTV at the summer 1990 Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago and released in the United States for $999.

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