Generation Amiga: Hello Johnny. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? How did you discover the Amiga platform?

Hi I am Johnny Acevedo. I live in Tenerife Canary Island (Spain) and long time Amiga user. I started in computers when i was 8 or 9 years old, and studied computer programing until today. I founded my own computer company “House Computer” in Tenerife with my family in 2003. I discovered the Amiga back in 1988 when my parents bought a Commodore Amiga 500. I was using a ZX Spectrum, MSX and IBM PC Computers and discovered the Commodore Amiga System, the Commodore Amiga changed computer technology forever, it was something incredible back in the days, the dynamic graphical user interface and quality of sound & video amazed me!

Generation Amiga: When did you started AmitenTV and what motivated you?

I started Amiten TV channel in spring 2015. After being part of a retro users group here in my local community from 2011 until 2014, i decided to leave the club because i wanted to do something more for the Amiga and started looking on the internet for solutions. I have seen many channels on Youtube about retro computers, Amiga and a lot of possibilities to continue contributing things to the retro community and Amiga in particular. I started with a simple web camera and Amiga 1000 in my office. A year later we got about 300 subscribers and a lot of new friends. AmitenTV is posting videos every saturday night and attracts a lot of people interested in the content and interviews we make.

Generation Amiga: What is your favorite programming language and why?

I use Visual Net, C ++, PHP and other modern languages but i love the Basic language the most. After buying a copy with a friend in 1990 of Amos Basic 1.3. I still use it until today for creating games for the Amiga in my free time. Now i work with Amos professional.


The famous AmitenTV office (click picture for the Youtube channel of AmitenTV)

Generation Amiga: Can you tell us more about Dreams of Rowan?

Rowan is a videogame that i am creating with a group of friends, the dream begins in 2015 with Amiten TV. We decided to give a course of programming of Amos Professional, everything started with a few sprites of the arcade game Willow (Capcom) that we used to explain in the course, and started to attract people who wanted to help create their graphics, code, and music for the Amos course. My friends Hernan Beroldo, Simone Bernacchia, Fernando Oliveira, Dan Hermans and even my wife Yay Morales joined the challenge of creating a video game that would be called “The Dream of Rowan”. We discussed with the whole team to create a crowdfunding campaign to finance the video game and to be able to create physical units and franchise like t-shirts, posters, personalized pendrives to cover all that expense. After some leaving the development, we never tought a second about quiting development, and so we continued with a smaller team and a new approach to the engine of the game, including a lot of new improvements, but since it is more complex and with less people we needed more time for the development. We wanted to launch the game in December 2016 but sadly enough failed. we asked our backers if they wanted to wait or wanted us to return their money. Most people wanted to wait and we decided to postpone the game until 2017, we want to thank all those people who trusted us.

Generation Amiga: What are your Amiga configurations?

I got all Commodore Amiga Computers, except the A3000T and A4000T

Generation Amiga: What is your opinion about upcoming Amiga systems ? (X5000, A1222)

I don’t have new generation Amiga computers. I can’t really say much about new generation Amiga computers. I want to buy some of the new products by A-Eon, but the price of AmigaOne’s is to expensive. Greetings to Trevor Dickinson for his great work and contributions to the Amiga scene.

Generation Amiga: What are your prefered modern AmigaOS4 games and programs?

Like i told before, i really can’t talk about new generation Amiga’s at this moment.

Generation Amiga: Thanks for the interview Johnny and good luck with future Amiga projects

Thanks to generation Amiga for giving me the opportunity to express myself in this interview and for everything you bring to the Amiga community. I hope that all the Amigans will continue to support Amiga, keep creating things and keep the scene alive. Greetings to all and see you soon. Amiga4Ever

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