Since February 2015, there have been various reports that Apple is working on a car that will give Elon Musk Tesla a run for its money. Several reports claim that Apple and its Titan team is focusing on an autonomous car OS. Many of the engineers are working in Canada and got hired over the past year and about 24 came from BlackBerry’s QNX, a leading automotive software provider. Rumors suggest that Apple is apparently in talks to buy luxury supercar maker McLaren with the aim of improving its iCar project! Apple has spent $10bn in R&D, which is more than triple of what it spent just four years ago ($3bn). This massive increase in R&D costs, does suggest that Apple is developing something a lot bigger than simply a new iPhone, iPad or Mac device. The high-tech company has decided to triple the 600 person strong team to an 1800 person strong team to help reach the iCars 2019 announcement target.