The Russian Tavolga TB-T22BT is produced by T-Platforms, this desktop drops the usual x86 from Intel and AMD in favor of a Baikal-T1 processor, from Russia’s Baikal Electronics in Siberia. The CPU in the Tavogla Terminal is a dual-core P5600 that runs at a respectable 1.2GHz—though it’s only a 32-bit chip. The desktop can be configured with up 8GB of DDR3 memory and 64GB of storage. It has up to four USB 2.0 ports and an ethernet port. This platform is aimed at hardware vendors that wish to create application-specific devices such as high-performance IoT platforms, embedded control systems, industrial automation, healthcare or networking equipment. The SF-BT1 module is based on the popular SMARC specification that defines a standard for low power high performance microcomputers. The Tavolga runs the Linux based Debian OS. The P5600 currently holds the highest CoreMark/MHz score among 32-bit CPU IP processors, making it one of the most powerful processors when it comes to performance per MHz and per watt.