The Collectors Edition of Enemy 2: Missing in Action is now available! This is a sequel to Enemy, published in 2013 and runs on every Commodore Amiga from Kickstart 1.2 and 1 MB of RAM. The collectors edition comes in a telescope box, multilingual manual with poster in middle, on two floppy disks, and you get the improved version(1.28) of the free edition. The adventure in the vastness of cold space continues in Enemy 2. After a failed research mission the crew got stuck in alien spaceships. In the fight for survival they meet old friends and new enemies. It is an emotional roller coaster between despair and hope. The big question is: Will any human ever return to earth? You can order the special edition for €15, shipping costs €1,70 (Germany) and €4,10 (worldwide). For ordering please visit the website

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