bitbybitsoftwaregroup proudly presents a new release of SDK browser for registered users. Ten years after the public release of the SDK Browser v1.6.0.0, a newly updated build has been released to all registered owners. Version is a Release Candidate for the upcoming SDK Browser v2.1.0.0 and contains many new features never before released to the general public. Some of the new features or bugfixes are:

  • Updated and built for the latest AmigaOS4 SDK
  • Tested under AmigaOS4.1 FE [Update 1]
  • Support for 64-BIT Filesystems
  • New (STRUCT)ure browsing
  • User settable Fonts and displayed Tab lengths
  • Dynamic target screen selector
  • Mouse Wheel Variable Acceleration Mode
  • Enhanced user preference settings
  • New “Find Files (in dir)”
  • New “Search (in Search Results)”
  • New “Open in File Browser”
  • New “Open in Workbench window…”
  • More…


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