A brand new officially licensed ZX Spectrum. Based on the work done by Victor Trucco and his TBBlue board. Relive the experience of opening a box and getting a brand new Spectrum that feels as revolutionary as the original back in its heyday. Plug it in and start enjoying your beautifully designed new computer. The Spectrum Next is a reimplementation of the original at hardware level, ensuring it runs all the software out there — old and new. And it’s also compatible with most expansions made for the ZX Spectrum. The Spectrum Next is faster, more memory, new video modes, SD storage, HDMI output, etc.. It takes the Speccy to a whole new level. And it’s totally open source, so the community can expand, improve and take it into the future. the ZX Spectrum Next will be shipped with ESXDOS from Miguel Guerreiro, as it’s one of the most powerful OS available at this time, including support for the .TRD format widely used in Russia and required for some of the most advanced programs currently available for the Spectrum. For more information and crowdfunding please visit the website

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