You want to extend your AmigaOne to new frontiers and use both Ubuntu and AmigaOS4 from out of the box? Then Amigakit.com has the solution for you! Amigakit offers a simple and easy way to try out Linux on your Next-Generation AmigaONE without resorting to entering long lines of unintelligible code. You can run Ubuntu Remix in Live mode straight from the DVD, or if you wish, can install it to your hard disk drive alongside your AmigaOS 4 installation with the simple step-by-step installation guide. Also included on the DVD are the necessary development tools to enable you to compile your own kernel. The Ubuntu Remix DVD comes along with Libre office,  GIMP, developers tools and much more! You can be buy the DVD for €22,99 on the webstore of Amigakit.com.

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