Retro is the new cool, and mostly we talk about retro games, consoles, computers and cars. But mobiles really deserve the same fame, i can remember my Nokia 5110 very well, it’s probably one of my beloved mobiles ever. If someone would offer me offer a Nokia 5110 in mint condition i would just buy it and use it again! I had a lot of mobiles during my lifetime and still this ‘beast’ is my one and only favorite mobile. Nokia continued its mobile journey through 1990s based on Cityman series. It brought out its first really mobile phone which could fit in a pocket called Nokia 232 in 1994. The Nokia 232 was based on TACS GSM standard being used by Motorola and Alcatel in the United States. The Nokia 5110 which followed Nokia 232 in design could be called the harbinger of mobile phones to the pockets of ordinary citizens. Though costly, it was still the most affordable mobile phone in those days. Nokia 5110 was rugged, had a week long battery life and was first mobile phone to feature a game, the highly popular and beloved Snake. Nokia 5110 also gave you the liberty to change the front panel to the color of your choosing. In many ways, Nokia 5110 could be called the first mass mobile phone in the world. It also began the journey of Nokia as the undisputed leader in mobile telephony with over 50% market share. The Nokia 5110 is the Amiga 500, NES, Atari 2600 of mobiles!

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