This classic arcade game was released for the Commodore Amiga in 1988 by Discovery Software. Hybris is a impressive good looking & addictive shoot ’em up for Commodore Amiga. The action game is typical of the top to bottom scrolling type. The player flies in all four directions shooting wave after wave of advancing aliens and ground installations. Extra weapons are available along the way by collecting icons which appear from time to time. You were also able to customize the game to a degree by altering the rate of enemy bombs, changing the duration of powerups and so on. The music (composed by Paul Van Der Valk) and sound effects are impressive and the in-game soundtrack gives you that extra vibe to continue playing. Hybris is one of the first smooth scrolling Commodore Amiga classic vertical shoot’em up games. Fast, exciting, cool music scores and fun gameplay for hours.


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