Amiga in 2016: legends never die

Legends never die and Amiga is a good example, a new high-end AmigaOne workstation, a new AmigaOS update, new updates of Blender 3D-QT-GIMP, Viva Amiga documentary, new Amiga 1200 cases, Amiga 500+ kit, Vampire accelerator cards, Xengine-3D, new Amiga stores, SDL2, Amiberry, new games and so much more! Against all odds and disappointments of the past, the Amiga scene keeps fighting and building towards a brighter future for it’s beloved platform. The human tongue is more poisonous than a bee’s sting, still these events in 2016 are remarkable in the computer community in general. No platform dating back from the 80’s is so vibrant and full of life. With over 120 very active Facebook groups and Youtube vloggers reaching hundred of thousands plus views, the Amiga scene is something to behold and very unique. And 2017 is looking very promising with A-EON Technology’s A1222 under €400, Daniel Müßener pushing the limits with Tower 57 and Wings remastered, the upcoming release of office suit LibreOffice, Vampire Amiga1200 edition, Germany32, Amiga 1200 reloaded and who knows what’s next. All those people deserve respect, from a silly game made in Backbone upwards to new AmigaOne systems or professional software applications. The fight is on, and the objective can never be a few thousand, we must dare to embrace the idea of millions to come. It’s not the first time in history that something seemingly dead returned from the grave and reclaimed it’s position in any specific market. It only requires a good momentum and a bright idea concealed by just a few people. And in the meantime we have a lot of fun and new friendships and all of this is something to be proud of in the end. And like I said before many other computer platforms from the 80’s don’t even come close, if something is coming back and reclaim it’s former glory then it will be the Amiga platform without doubt. I would also like to thank all our readers and contributors and wish you all a happy Christmas and happy new year, and lets keep our fingers crossed for 2017 and beyond!


Kind regards,

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