Generation Amiga: Hello Joel Edberg Can you introduce yourself to our readers? How did you discover the Amiga platform?

Joel Edberg: Hello, I am 44 years young and live in Uppsala, Sweden, I started out with Commodore 64 and then moved on to Commodore Amiga 500. I really love both of them but nowadays i use my Amiga 1200 and my AmigaOne X5000. I can play C64 games using Vice and my Taq2 on my X5000 so i m very happy 🙂

Generation Amiga: When did you started your ‘Google group AmigaOS’ and what motivated you?

Joel Edberg: I think it was early in the 2014. Well, i really dont like facebook and thought it would be nice with a Amigaos group on G+ instead. There was a lot of fighting on Facebook but you rarely see that on AmigaOS on G+ 🙂 Its also nice to see a lot of developers on my Amiga site.

Generation Amiga: What is your favorite programming language and why?

Joel Edberg: I wish i could program but i can’t. If i could program like Frank Menzel(EntwicklerX)or Daniel Müßener then i would do something about the browser situation. We need a good and modern browser with an active development.

Generation Amiga: Can you tell us more about future Amiga projects?

Joel Edberg: Right now there isn’t any projects but that can change very fast.

Generation Amiga: What are your Amiga configurations?

Joel Edberg: I m not sure about my Amiga 1200 but its using a scandoubler and ACA card from Indivision. I am planning to buy Vampire 1200 asap when it gets available. I am also using a cf-card as harddisk with Amiga OS3.9. When it comes to my AmigaOne X5000 then i m using SSD as harddisk, RadeonHD 7770, Juli@ PCI-E soundcard.

Generation Amiga: What is your opinion about upcoming Amiga systems ? (X5000, A1222)

Joel Edberg: I really love it! We need cheaper hardware like A1222 so that’s a big step. Of course i would love to see a laptop but that’s not realistic. I know a lot of people want Hyperion to port AmigaOS to x86 or to ARM-platform but thats’ not realistic either. People who wish that should use the excellent WinUAE instead. For me the Amiga is the OS and the hardware.

Generation Amiga: What are your preferred modern AmigaOS4 games and programs?

Joel Edberg: I really love the games from EntwicklerX. MACE was a fantastic game but they have created alot of cool games. I have also tried their new Emotion Player . Finally we will get a new and updated mediaplayer with an active development. I also love the stuff from Guillaume ‘zzd10h’ Boesel. I managed to get him to create some programs i would like to see on our platform.

Generation Amiga: Thanks for the interview Joel Edberg and good luck with future Amiga projects

Joel Edberg: Thank you very much, and Stay awhile! Stay FOREVER!!!!


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