You don’t need to learn tons of documentation to start working with JuffEd, you just launch it and start working. It does exactly what you expect it to do. If you are a developer, then you probably already make use of a text editor to write or edit your code. If you work with multiple languages, then you need an editor that supports multiple languages. If you work on either a AmigaOne or Linux computer, you should check out an app called JuffEd. JuffEd is ported by Alfkil Wennermark and is a free, cross-platform text editor for programmers and advanced users. Other helpful features of this text editor include adding markers to the text. You can add a marker through the menus on top or by clicking in the left most pane of the application. You can traverse from one marker to the next or the previous one using the menus on top. The application also provides its users with hotkey shortcuts for going to a specific line, going to a matching brace, commenting a line, commenting a block, duplicating a line, converting texts to upper case letters, and converting texts to lower case letters. And comes with many other useful features. The new version comes with many bugfixes and compatibility issues with Qt4.7.


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