50 great games for AmigaOS4 and AmigaOne 500 AmigaOne 1000 AmigaOne 5000 AmigaOne a1222

Here are 50 games(gameplay movies) released for AmigaOS4 and AmigaOne computers, and this list is just the beginning of available games for the latest AmigaOS and AmigaOne computers! This year A-EON technology will probably release the new AmigaOne A1222 under €400 and you are probably wondering if the range of AmigaOne computers have anything to offer when it comes to gaming. Back in July 1985 the Commodore Amiga 1000 was the state-of-the-art in home computing. And IBM-compatible PCs and Apple computers were too expensive for ordinary families, but most people could afford an Commodore Amiga 500 the humble grey box became the UK’s favorite home computer. And by association one of the most important video game formats of the 16-bit era. Next generation Amiga computers and operating system got out of the attention the last decades, but the Amiga is far from dead and still offers a wide range of games and professional software.

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