Cinema 4D for AmigaOS

3D modeling and animation is an intrinsically complicated process, and the vast and varied applications for the technology make it hard to identify which software is most ideal for the task you are working on. This software package for AmigaOS is easier to learn than most competitors, but it still possesses the depth required for professional use. The great toolset and approachability make it particularly relevant to graphic artists who have less familiarity with traditional 3D tools. Cinema 4D comes with great support for textures and materials, and is lauded for its swift rendering speeds espically when using the latest Vampire cards. We love the user interface for Cinema 4D. The toolsets are accessible, but not overwhelming. You can also rip menus for a customizable workspace. The point and click expression interface is another boon to ease-of-use. It reduces the need for scripting, which naturally eases the learning curve quite a bit. Working with this software is relatively easy and natural from the minute you open it.


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