Currently 10 company’s will be present during Amiga32 in Germany. You would like to participate during the Amiga32 expo in October 2017? You can reserve a stand on the expo by sending a mail for more information. You can purchase tickets of the biggest upcoming Amiga expo in Germany ‘Amiga32’ on October 28th 2017, tickets sales start on December 18th! A ticket will cost €16,50 and full option ticket for the afterparty with special VIP guests €130. You can also reserve a stand on the expo by sending a mail for more information. The Amiga32 expo will be the biggest European Amiga event with new hardware & software announcements, workshops, special guests, and much more! For more information please visit the website (artwork Paul kitching)

Current list of  exhibitors:
01. APC & TCP and Amiga Future
02. Alinea Computer
03. MorphOS Team
04. KryhoFlux GmbH
05. Golden Coder / Daniel Müßer
06. HunoPPC
07. Formosan Business Support Ltd.
08. Richard Lowenstein
09. Phase5 Digital Products
10. AmiStore

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