The Infinitiv Amiga 1300 series by Micronik

Do you remember this? Computer specialist Micronik created their own tower system range with support of Amiga International’s ‘Powered by Amiga’ licenses. These tower units consisted of an Amiga 1200 motherboard fitted with extra accelerator cards to boost performance. All of these systems came bundled with AmigaOS 3.1. The Infinitiv 1300 was first released in 1997 and is situated at the low-end of Micronik’s Amiga range. The Infinitiv Tower itself boasted an impressive design and stylish looks, and could be upgraded to accommodate a large number of peripherals as well as support most modern Amiga third party products. A simple ‘snap-and-click’ fitting process makes the fitting of extra Hard drives, CD-ROM, etc a breeze. A total of 4 versions got released, the Infinitiv 1300c-i with standard Amiga 1200 specs, Infinitiv 1300c-i/40 with Blizzard 1240 accelerator, Infinitiv 1300c-i/60 with Blizzard 1260 accelerator and Infinitiv A1300 plus coming with Blizzard 1260 accelerator and scandoubler for the connection of SVGA or multiscan monitors. (advert by

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