Video Install a DVD drive into a Amiga 1200

A small series of videos by Youtube vlogger Missmadlemon about how to install a CD/DVD-ROM drive internally into a Commodore Amiga 1200 using a IDE buffered interface with Allegro CDFS rather than IDEfix97. Standard Commodore Amiga 1200’s only came with a single device IDE port for one IDE harddrive. To fix this problem you can buy a buffered IDE interface which you connect to the original Amiga1200’s IDE interface. This allows you to connect 4 IDE devices to the Amiga just like you would on a PC. You can then connect up a HD and CD drive at the same time. Some people even cut a whole in the side or back of their Commodore Amiga1200’s and mount an internal laptop cd drive inside the Commodore Amiga1200 to make everything nice and neat and tidy.


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