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Ultimate Creative is proud to present Barjack Magigames from Barjack Design. First of a long series, Barjack Magigames regroups an ultra complete collection of WHDLoad Games with somptous icons which will give a new dimension to your AmigaOS. Compatible with AmigaOS3.1 and 4.x, the new Magigames Icons include alphabetic drawers, games drawers and visuals for floppy or CD. Games are directly executable if your have WHDLoad installed on your system. Each game is accompanied by a directory displaying many practical information such as  the year of release, the version, the category but also the score issued by the community.

Magigames A new dimension for AmigaOS3

Reinforce the Collector aspect with the well-defined visuals representing each version and choose the games in ECS, AGA, CDTV or CD32 version. Rarely will a collection sublimated your desktop environment. Barjack Magigames is also 100% compatible with emulation. With its ultra-realistic configurations and unique visual features, Ultimate Amiga Configurations 2017 proves to be the perfect companion for Windows emulation. Produced by Barjack Design (Ultimate Amiga member) and distributed by Ultimate Creative, this 1st Magigames pack includes everything you need for the 0-9 and A directories is 168 games. While the next pack is already in production! This superb collection is 100% free and can be found on the website of our partners Ultimate Amiga France.


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