X500 plus in development Amiga news

Loriano Pagni Is working on a new  computer case designed as a tribute to the computers of the ’80s and ’90s and inspired by the legendary Commodore Amiga 500. The previuos released  X500 Plus allowed you to build your own modern, powerful computer, with your choice of components and Operating System like Windows, Linux, AmigaOS, AROS, MOS etc…you can use it for your mini-itx x86 motherboards, PowerPC boards such as the SAM motherboards by ACube, the Natami and the upcoming FPGAArcade Replay board, basically any board which is mini-itx or flex-atx format with low profile heat sinks. The combination of a PowerPC board and AmigaOS4.1, the free AROS running on a supported x86 board or MorphOS running on supported hardware inside the X500 Plus are ideal for the full, original experience of Amiga inside a retro looking case. Price and release are TBA



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