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Three races are out to wreak havoc upon each other as part of a thirty mission singleplayer campaign, each with its own campaign and perspective on the arching storyline. These races number the practical if hopelessly sectarian Terrans, the swarm-like insectoids known as the Zerg and the ultra high-tech Protoss. What’s cool is how distinct all three races are, and not just the way they look or sound, but also in the way they play. If you have played Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, then this should strike you as instantly familiar. Starcraft provides a solid foundation of features to help you control a force, but it does not have a lot of the additional functionality seen in other games. There are no unit formations or autonomous search and destroy commands. This may be viewed as a drawback by some, but there are advantages to this approach it keeps the game from being overly complex, and there is actually a great deal of elegance in its streamlined design. On top of the interface, the game’s maps and individual missions pan out very nicely, offering a lot of variation combined with clever scripting. Forest, desert, space platforms, and sprawling buildings are included in the game, all with varying terrain heights. The environment can be interactive; gates lower for troops and transporters beam forces across the map. Use of terrain features is crucial while playing. For example, a group on higher ground has enormous advantages in range and accuracy over its enemies. Both the sound and visuals are fabulous. The game is played from the standard isometric perspective that RTS gamers have come to expect. The units are two-dimensional sprites, and compared to other games of this genre, they appear bigger and more brightly colored. This has the effect of making them easier to see and control, but also adds the aforementioned cartonish quality. The terrain is also very two dimensional looking, without rolling hills or jagged cliffs. StarCraft is far from the multiplayer-only platform many games are. It exceeds expectations in both departments and is another great classic available for AmigaOS4 and AmigaOne systems! Just download the Stargus mod and combine this with the original version of Starcraft and save the universe!


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