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If you buy a second hand Commodore Amiga 1200 on Ebay or from a good friend it could be important to recap so your favorite Commodore Amiga can last another decade or so. Keep in mind that these are 20 plus years old computers so its a good preventative measure to replace the capacitors, once they leak they will eat through the copper circuitry and cause either permanent damage or an expensive repair job. In case you missed all of this, you probably be facing the “colors of death”. Each time your start your beloved Commodore Amiga your monitor will show a specific color instead of the famous Workbench hand. Many people are probably wondering what these colors mean. Here is a list of ‘colors of death’

Red: An error in the Kickstart rom as detected.
Green: An error in the Chip Ram was detected.
Blue: An error in the custom chip set was detected.
Yellow: The CPU encountered an error before the system’s error-trapping code was in place.
Black: No CPU detected.
Grey: CPU Passed the test.
White: CPU failure.

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